Over the years, my work has appeared in numerous travel magazines as well as the usual photography magazines across the board.

     As a child and a young adult, I grew up in the streets of the South Bronx. 

     In 1968 I joined the US Marines and was trained as a photographer.  Once discharged from the Marines, I attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC where I received a BFA in photography. Upon graduation, I ventured out into the world of freelancing and I continue to do so today. . 


     I currently spend my time between NYC and Berlin (plus the photo projects I work on). In NYC, I have two older sons, one forty-four and the other forty-one. In Berlin, I have twins boys about to turn 26 months of age and five-month-old daughter to add a baby girl to that list of sons. With the babies, projects take a little longer to complete.